Version History


  • FritzConnection takes a new optional parameter timeout limiting the time waiting for a router response.
  • FritzPhonebook module rewritten for Python 3 without lxml-dependency and added again to the library (missing in version 1.0).
  • Library module FritzStatus adapted to Python 3.


  • Bugfix in fritzinspection for command line based inspection of the Fritz!Box API.


  • Requires Python 3.6 or newer. The 0.8.x release is the last version supporting Python 2.7 and Python 3 up to 3.5
  • The lxml library is no longer a dependency.
  • New project layout. Library modules are now located in the new lib package.
  • Rewrite of the description parser.
  • Errors reported by the Fritz!Box are now raising specific exceptions.


  • Bugfix in connection.reconnect(). This bug has been introduced with version 0.8.0. For versions 0.8.0 to 0.8.3 ‘reconnect’ requires a password because of a changed service call.
  • Documentation updated.


  • Fix broken test (new in version 0.8.0)
  • Minor code enhancements


  • Unified version numbering of the modules.
  • ServiceError, ActionError and AuthorizationError are also importable from the package.
  • Some code cleanup.

Changes in the development process: .hgignore removed and .gitignore added, changes in, readme changed to restructured text.

As Atlassian has announced to drop support for mercurial on bitbucket und will remove the according repositories (in June 2020), development of fritzconnection has converted from hg to git and the repository has been transfered to github. Unfortunately the issue- and discussion-history will be lost this way (even by keeping the new git-repository at bitbucket).


FritzStatus: bugfix requiring a password in combination with fritzconnection >= 0.8.0

FritzStatus: added the external_ipv6 attribute

FritzStatus: added the max_linked_bit_rate attribute for the physical rate. Also added the str_max_linked_bit_rate attribute for a more readable output. (password must be provided for these infomations)

FritzConnection: added the AuthorizationError exception.


Bugfix how servicenames are extracted from the xml-description files. However, the api has not changed.

The requirements are now fixed for lxml (4.3.4) and requests (2.22.0) as these versions are still supporting python 2.7

0.7.1 - 0.7.3

Bugfixes, no new features or other changes.


FritzConnection does now check for the environment variables FRITZ_USER and FRITZ_PASSWORD in case that neither user nor password are given.

FritzStatus now accepts user and password as keyword-parameters. Keep in mind, that FritzBoxes may return different informations about the status depending whether these are gathered with or without a password.


There is a new attribute package_version:

>>> import fritzconnection
>>> fritzconnection.package_version

Because every module of the fritzconnection-package has it’s own version, version-history of the package gets confusing over time. From now on every change of the content of the package is indicated by the the package-version. Every unchanged module keeps it’s version. So i.e. the recent package-version is 0.6.5 but the fritzconnection-module is still in version 0.6 cause nothing has changed in this module since then.


FritzConnection now uses long qualified names as servicename, i.e. WLANConfiguration:1 or WLANConfiguration:2. So these servicenames can now be used to call actions on different services with the same name:

>>> connection = FritzConnection()
>>> info = connection.call_action('WANIPConnection:2', 'GetInfo')

For backward compatibility servicename-extensions like ‘:2’ can be omitted on calling ‘call_action’. In this case FritzConnection will use the extension ‘:1’ as default.

On calling unknown services or actions in both cases KeyErrors has been raised. Calling an unknown service (or one unaccessible without a password) will now raise a ServiceError. Calling an invalid action on a service will raise an ActionError. Both Exceptions are Subclasses from the new FritzConnectionException. The Exception classes can get imported from fritzconnection:

>>> from fritzconnection import ServiceError, ActionError