fritzconnection documentation#

fritzconnection is a Python library to communicate with the AVM Fritz!Box by the TR-064 protocol, the AHA-HTTP-Interface and also provides call-monitoring. This allows to read status-information from the router, read and change configuration settings and state, interact with smart-home-devices and monitor realtime phone calls.


The available features are depending on the Fritz!Box model and the according system software. Using fritzconnection is as easy as:

from fritzconnection import FritzConnection

fc = FritzConnection(address="", user="user", password="pw")
print(fc)  # print router model information

# tr-064 interface: reconnect for a new ip
fc.call_action("WANIPConn1", "ForceTermination")
fc.reconnect()  # do the same with a shortcut

# http interface: get history data from a device with given 'ain'
fc.call_http("getbasicdevicestats", "12345 7891011")

FritzConnection provides two basic commands to communicate with the router APIs: call_action() for the TR-064-Interface and call_http() for the (AHA)-HTTP-Interface. Both APIs can be used on the same FritzConnection instance side by side. With the call_action() and call_http() methods every service/action-combination and commands documented by the AVM support-page (Apps/TR-064, HTTP) can get executed.

  • call_action() expects a TR-064 service- and an action-name (and optional arguments). In general FritzConnection can execute every service and action provided by the (model-specific) API as documented by AVM. For i.e. this can be network settings, status informations, access to home automation devices and much more. The call_action() method returns the response from the router as a dictionary with the values already converted to the matching Python datatypes.

  • call_http() expects a command for the http-interface like “getbasicdevicestats” and, depending on the command, additional arguments like a device “ain” (identifier). A call to the method returns a dictionary with the content-type, the encoding and the response data of the http-response. The content-type of the response-data is typical “text/plain” or “text/xml” and may need further processing.

The fritzconnection-package comes with a library to make some common tasks easier and can also serve as example code. For a detailed overview refer to Getting Started and the documentation of the library.


fritzconnection is neither related nor supported by AVM. Also AVM reserves the right to add, modify or remove features of their products at any time without notice. Furthermore the terms “AVM”, “Fritz!Box” and “Fritz!OS” are trademarks of AVM Computersysteme Vertriebs GmbH.